Dangerous fight between king cobra and mongoose, mongoose thrashed the snake by stuffing it in its mouth, but then what happened…


Most of us have grown up listening to stories of mongooses and snakes being staunch enemies. Now, the internet has pulled out a video that shows just how bad the situation can get when these two hunters actually get into a fight.


King Cobra attacked, then the mongoose jumped and caught hold of the neck, there was a tremendous fight, then you will be shocked to see what happened

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The video shared on YouTube is titled, “Mongoose vs black cobra (fight between a mongoose and a cobra – the ultimate wild animal encounter of two natural rivals)”. The fight between the mongoose and the cobra is shown in the clip. As the video progresses, the mongoose can be seen biting the snake with all its might, while the cobra tries to strike at the animal at the right time. However, in the end, the mongoose succeeds in bringing the cobra to the point of defeat.

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The clip has been viewed over 27 million times and received a ton of reactions. Many people joined the debate and started discussing who would have the upper hand in the fight.

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One YouTube user wrote, “This mongoose is amazing. So fast and accurate,” wrote another, “Looks like the mongoose was bitten multiple times but he didn’t care and kept fighting till it (SPOILERS) finished off the snake” And “Didn’t think it can do it.”

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