Couple have a wedding photoshoot – But then the photographer notices something strange


This couple posed together for the first time in front of a beautiful castle. But when the photographer zoomed in on the groom, he noticed an unusual detail! And how was he supposed to say this to the bride?!

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Wedding photographer Ken hurried to reach Artagne Castle, where Remco and Anna had said “yes” a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, he couldn’t get there sooner.

With his suitcases full of photographic equipment, the photographer realized that it was already late, and made his way through the crowd to reach the newlyweds.

When Remco and Anna saw that it was coming, they let out a sigh of relief. Finally, they could take the pictures of the most beautiful moment of their lives. So Ken went straight to work.

But what happened suddenly shocked the photographer…

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Source: Vines of the Yarra Valley

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