Eating three dates a day can have incredible effects on your body


Add dates to your diet and you’ll feel better.


Although it is known as a “sugar date”, this fruit is actually much healthier than candy or other sweets. There are many reasons to eat dates every day: They help keep your digestive system working smoothly; they contain essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium and iron; their high fiber content makes for an excellent source of low-calorie snack food. So if you want something sweet at night—don’t reach for the chocolate bar! Instead try some dates: we’ll explain why below…

You will probably want to eat dates every day after reading this article!

Blood vessels

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Blood Vessels | The Franklin Institute

Dates are good for your blood vessels because they contain large amounts of calcium. If eaten three times a day, dates will keep the arteries clear and make it much less likely that you’ll have a stroke or heart attack.

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