The woman gave birth to healthy triplets – after 10 minutes the doctor admitted to a big mistake.

When the doctor delivered the news, the tension was so oppressive that he could be cut with a knife.

The young mother did not know what to do. Is there something wrong with her newborns?

This news sounded like a bolt from the blue. The birth went smoothly. Yes, triplets, but absolutely healthy.

It will soon become clear that one of the daughters has a completely unique situation!

Bella, 36, just stared at the door for several minutes as if she had been shell-shocked. The delivery of the triplets ended in complete success, everything went even smoother than the doctors expected.

However, the doctor foresaw possible problems, since it was still a question of triplets. “Triplets can be stubborn,” he said before giving birth. But there were no serious problems.

But Bella didn’t feel much joy, and tension hung in the air.

But her husband, 37-year-old Josh, was in seventh heaven. He took the kids in his arms and could not stop looking at them.

But Bella understood that thunder was about to break out …

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