The child sees the window cleaner – at some point he points at something with his finger


The sad look

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The child stopped a few centimeters in front of the glass. He looked a little depressed. So Chris made some silly faces to make him laugh. He even ended up playing hide-and-seek with the child because he knew that his children always laughed at him when he did that to them.

However, there was not even a hint of a smile on the child’s face. Chris would soon find out what the reason was.

The unexpected visitor


Chris doesn’t get it at all. Why wasn’t this child smiling? Why does he only look at him with those sad eyes?

The window cleaner didn’t want the child to be so sad. he even saw the child drying his tears. Chris decided to try something else to make him laugh. Stupid faces were not enough.

But as soon as Chris was about to start the show, someone suddenly entered the room…

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