15 Incredible Things You Should Expect From Doing Planks Every Day


6/15. Neck Support

man performing a plank

In addition to providing back and spine support, doing planks every day strengthens the muscle groups which are responsible for supporting your neck. More so, planks can rid your neck of pain while significantly reducing your chances of developing neck pain the future.

7/15. Improved Posture

woman performing a yoga pose in good posture

If you catch yourself slouching when you sit or stand, try doing some planks every day. Since the plank pose straightens your spine, it will tremendously improve your posture. So if you lead a sedentary or a ‘nine to five’ lifestyle, make sure you include planks in your daily calendar to fix your posture.

8/15. Improved Balance

athlete performing a balance pose
ACE Fitness

When you perform planks every day, you’re fueling your core with the ability to withstand and hold your body still when you do balance poses, and/or when you engage in any activity that requires balance. There are so many exercises that strengthen the core but why planks are peculiar is because it’s also setting your body up for stability and balance. Try mixing in some side planks or planks with one leg up.

9/15. Improved Mood

woman performing a plank smiling
Martial Arts Stack Exchange

Many people (including those already doing planks every day) do not know that planks offer mental benefits. While you hold your plank form, it stretches out the muscle groups and nerves which are responsible for stress and tension in the body. In addition to calming the brain, planks have been proven therapeutic for anxiety and depression.

10/15. Bone Strength

athlete performing a plank

It’s a known fact that any form of weighted exercises are great for strengthening the bone. While you hold a plank every day, you’re holding up the weight of your body which is beneficial for your bone. The result is that all the bones attached to the muscles recruited are getting strengthened.

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