The 15 Most Dangerous Cities in the World


When booking a holiday, the first question that comes to mind is usually “is it a safe city?”. To help you out we’ve created a definitive list of the 15 most dangerous cities in the world. This list has been created using statistics linked to the number of homicides (murders) per 100,000 people in a certain city. Feel free to visit these places at your discretion, but don’t say that we didn’t warn you when things go wrong!

15. Cape Town, South Africa

Police officers firing on demonstrators in 2013 during a strike by farm workers at De Doorns on the N1 highway linking Cape Town

Since the end of Apartheid, South Africa is now being seen in a much more positive light. There is no denying though that there is still a real issue in terms of racial tension within the country itself. Cape Town, on the South West Coast of South Africa, had a huge population of 4,004,793 in 2017. A staggering 2,493 murders were recorded in this year. This means that for every 100,000 people in this area, just over 60 of them will be murdered.

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