Lose Weight Naturally With These 16 Bedtime Drinks


Little do many know, sleep and weight management are directly connected. When you get a good nights sleep, your metabolism is able to function more efficiently, therefore, making achieving and maintaining a healthy weight more feasible. An important part of any “diet” is a decent night of sleep! Fortunately, there is a myriad of delicious bedtime “cocktails” that can help your body drift off into a peaceful slumber while processing calories from the day. Here is a list of our fifteen favorite bedtime weight loss beverages.

1/16 Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea
Medical News Today

The empress of all bedtime drinks, chamomile tea. This herbal gold is known for a variety of health benefits it can reap on one’s body and mind. Including it’s sleep inducing and weight loss aiding properties. According to studies, the plan contains glycine which acts as a mild sedative and can also aid in glucose control.

2/16 Kefir

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This thick, creamy bedtime beverage might not sound so appetizing to everyone, BUT it is great for your gut! Kefir is basically fermented milk and helps increase healthy bacteria in the gut. This will improve the body’s overall absorption of minerals and vitamins and digestive abilities. It is also known to induce a sleepy effect.

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