17 Game Of Thrones Secrets Every Fan Should Know

3. King Joffrey is a sweetheart

king joffrey is a sweetheart
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Many fans of the game of thrones show hate King Joffrey because he was such a mean king. Well, we’re thankful it’s just a character. Many of the show’s cast reveal that Jack Gleeson, the actor of the King Joffrey role is a sweetheart off set. As a matter of fact, he is praised for his devotion and great execution of the role. We hear he drew inspiration from Gladiator’s character – Emperor Commodus and even mimicked the smirk of the Emperor which he displayed in the game of thrones show.

4. Romance on set could actually be true love

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romance on set could actually be true love

Remember Jon Snow and the wildling girl. Well, they got married. Their romance on set was definitely for real. It must have sparked something magical. They are married now and the entire game of thrones cast were in attendance to witness the beautiful event on the 23rd of June, 2018. Congratulations to them.

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