Amazing Nicknames Of The Most Famous Sportspeople


We know most athletes by their nicknames. These nicknames are not just so amazing but they have meanings and histories. Many of these athletes earned their nicknames by the way they play while others were nicknamed out of something they love. These athletes definitely merit the nicknames they bear. Find out below, the nicknames of the most famous athletes along with their backstories.

1. Michael Jordan – Air Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael has lots of nicknames with amazing backstories. He has been nicknamed ‘Magic Jordan’ after his childhood idol – Magic Johnson. He has also been nicknamed ‘Black cat’. This nickname emerged from the Air Jordan III footwear which was patterned after the paw of a black panther. More so, he was nicknamed ‘Captain Marvel’, although thankfully, the name didn’t stick. Out of all his nicknames, ‘Air Jordan’ is the most popular nickname that he is known by. Many people think he was given this nickname because of his shoe line. However, he has been called ‘Air Jordan’ long before his first footwear – Air Jordan I, because of his great dunking style. Apparently, the logo of his shoe line depicts him flying, therefore, the history of this nickname is validated.

2. Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods – Tiger

Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods
Topend Sports

If you’re asked about Eldrick Woods, you may look confused. Almost every single sport fan refers to Eldrick as Tiger Woods, so much that it has become more real than his real name. However, Tiger is a nickname. Actually, Tiger was given this nickname by his father Earl Woods after a friend of Earl’s from back when they served in the Vietnamese war. Ironically, Earl doesn’t call his son Tiger. Tiger has other nicknames like ‘Urkel’ and ‘Sam’ given to him by his friends and father respectively.

3. Darren McFadden – Run DMC

Darren McFadden
Blogging The Boys

Run DMC? Isn’t that the name of a famous American hip hop group from the 80’s. A lot of fans really dislike this nickname yet it stuck. Also, they agree that it’s better than D-Dawg and the rest of his failed nicknames. Not only has the nickname stuck, but it is really fitting. This is because Darren RUNS in football to make his living, coupled with his full names Darren McFadden. Obviously, Run DMC.

4. Frank Thomas – The Big Hurt

Frank Thomas

Among hitters in the history of Baseball, Frank is one of the most dreaded. He was nicknamed thus because of his famous swings. Frank has so many awards, trophies and championships that it is so hard to keep track. The big hurt can be a deadly monster in the batter’s box so steer clear.

5. Casey Hampton – Big Snack

Casey Hampton
Bleacher Report

Quite formidable isn’t he? Casey is nicknamed thus because no one can stand before him in Baseball. People say he eats quarterbacks as well as running backs. If a man can eat another hefty man, the said hefty man must be a big snack for great Casey. Even 5 nicknames is no match. This nickname is perfect.