These Has Got To Be The Weirdest Sports Ever Played


We all enjoy sports. It has become a part of our leisure, hobby or interest. However, this sports thing has definitely gone too far. Nowadays, not all sports are civilized. Some are yucky, extremely dangerous, weird, and totally unreasonable. The reason for and history of these sports are difficult to accept. Many of these sports are even played and enjoyed for no reason at all. I suppose these sports may never see the Olympics. Listed here are 15 sports that fit the image.

1. Worm Charming

worm charming

Fishermen usually do this to collect bait for fishing. But for East Texas and the UK, it is apparently a legitimate and competitive sport. The rules are however simple. A portion of land is given to each team, and they are to charm the worms with any method they choose. Whoever emerges with the most worms in 30 minutes is declared the winner of this weird sport.

2. Shin Kicking

shin kicking

As the name implies, two contestants in a white lab coat face each other. They hold unto their collars and constantly kick their opponent in order to force them down. If you can knock down two out of three of your competitors, then you declare yourself the winner. This has to be the most unusual game as the competitors use hammers to hit their shin, to be able to tolerate pain as much as that. Also, agility is required if you want to win the game.

3. Underwater Ice Hockey

Underwater Ice Hockey
Siberian Times

Think of Ice Hockey. Imagine all the fighting, teeth shattering, fighting and fighting again. This is exactly how Underwater Ice Hockey is, but with a few amazing upgrades. This sport is played upside-down inside a pond that is somewhat frozen without any breathing equipment whatsoever. However, they are allowed diving mask (they have to see) fins, to make for fast movements along with wetsuits for warmth in such freezing water. To play this weird game, you must be great at holding your breath, as you’re going to need it to win. Men and women also participate in this weird, mind freezing game.

4. Hurling

Experience Gaelic Games

Hurling is a sport played with soccer gear, a helmet as the only protective gear, a baseball and sticks that look like hockey sticks called a Hurley. The main aim is to hit the ball as high, fast and far as possible into or over the enemy crossbar/goal post. Sound weird, right?

5. Kissing Competitions

kissing competition

This has to be the most fun and romantic game ever. But it is not exactly how we are thinking. Contestants battle in events like ‘basketball kissing’ and ‘underwater kissing’. However, the underwater kissing event is the most popular. Contestants are to kiss under a transparent swimming pool for as long as they can.