These Has Got To Be The Weirdest Sports Ever Played


3. Underwater Ice Hockey

Underwater Ice Hockey
Siberian Times

Think of Ice Hockey. Imagine all the fighting, teeth shattering, fighting and fighting again. This is exactly how Underwater Ice Hockey is, but with a few amazing upgrades. This sport is played upside-down inside a pond that is somewhat frozen without any breathing equipment whatsoever. However, they are allowed diving mask (they have to see) fins, to make for fast movements along with wetsuits for warmth in such freezing water. To play this weird game, you must be great at holding your breath, as you’re going to need it to win. Men and women also participate in this weird, mind freezing game.

4. Hurling

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Hurling is a sport played with soccer gear, a helmet as the only protective gear, a baseball and sticks that look like hockey sticks called a Hurley. The main aim is to hit the ball as high, fast and far as possible into or over the enemy crossbar/goal post. Sound weird, right?

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