The Perfect Present For Your Business Partner


Christmas and the new year is coming. You have had a great year with your business, and that is because of the great connections that you have with the companies, partners that you are working with. You would like to thank them all the good work they have done, but in the meantime, you don’t want to go bankrupt because of the expensive presents, and you also do not want to look cheap. That’s a though one, but you have come to the right place.

There are 2 approaches to buying presents for your partners. You either buy something personal, or you go with the golden rule. What is the golden rule you may ask? Anything that can be stored on a work desk, or can be used regularly, counts as a great business present. Now we are going to check out some of the best golden rule gift ideas.

Bonsai tree (from 16$)

Bonsai Tree

I haven’t met a single person in my life who didn’t like bonsai trees. They are small so they easily fit anywhere, and they are also extremely decorative. When someone is visiting, they will most likely mention this piece of decoration. And that is when your name will come up.

Exotic coffee or tea (from 10$)

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coffee beans

Personally, I would go with the coffee, because I found that more regular in offices so far, but there are plenty of people drinking tea too. This gift idea has a rather short life span, but business associates will remember your name when drinking these delicious products.

Business card holder (from 9$)

business card holder

Business people always have tons of business cards stacked somewhere in one of their drawers. Why not make it a piece of decoration? With an elegant business card holder, you will not only make your partners’ workspace more ornamental, but you will also make them not forget your name.

Newton’s cradle balance balls (from 10$)

newton's cradle balance balls

Okay this might sound like a cliché, but have you ever been in a room with one of these not feeling the temptation to try it? No? I thought so. It works like the bonsai tree, visitor’s will surely bring it up.

Personalized pen set (from 30$)

personalized pen

Every businessman needs to sign papers from time to time. I would only create this present for the most valuable partners. Quality and aesthetics are key in this case, because no one is going to walk around with a badly looking, bad quality pen. If you succeed to create a truly elegant pen for that special associate, it could be the base of a stronger personal and business connection.


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