The Art Of Staying On Track During Holidays


The Christmas time holiday season is almost here. People are planning to let go of everything work and growth related, and just want to sit back and enjoy the quality time spent with their loved ones with the great meals. Forgetting about all these sounds very tempting, but there is no need to do so. You can have a great time, nevertheless continue improving yourself. Let’s see how:

man sleeping in a couch


This might sound quite the opposite of everything this article is about, but I want to clarify that resting is a very important part of staying motivated. Obviously, you should devote a lot more time for resting than on the normal working periods of the year.

Wake up early

People tend to lie in bed longer on holidays. That is not a problem, but don’t fall into the trap of sleeping 10 hours a day. Your body don’t need that, you will just get tired. Instead, try waking up in your regular hours, and do something productive. You can still lie around every second day.

Plan ahead

Visiting relatives far away, having dinners, family events, you probably got that all planned. Therefore, you know when you will have some free time. Why don’t you schedule some growth activities next to doing nothing? Imagine planning some studying with and without an assigned time for it. It is less likely that you will actually study without the proper planning.

Accountability partner

As already mentioned in my previous article about motivation, it is always easier to stay on track if you share your plans with others. Find someone who will pursue the planned activities with you, or who you can share your progress with.

Mental activities

If you don’t have anything work related, there are always many things you can do instead. Check, and reform your online presence, so it will attract more people. Take an online course in something you would like at. Learn about stuff that you were always interested in but never had the time to dive into.

Physical activities

You don’t have to follow your normal exercise routine, but you should also not let your progress fade away. As you will probably not be around your gym some bodyweight exercises could just be the best solution. Do some burpees, push ups, go for a run or take a walk.


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