Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Rome


Rome is a beautiful and very ancient city. Though ancient, it still remains one of the most attractive tourist destination. So while you enjoy it, how about you learn about this great city? As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”. Well, that’s right, it wasn’t. This article contains some interesting facts about Rome’s history as well as Rome as a city. Find out what has gone into the foundation to give the city the reputation and popularity it holds today.

1. Is Rome really the largest Empire?

28th largest city
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Because of how ancient and popular Rome is, many people misbelieve it to be the largest empire in the world. However, it comes in at number 28 in the world’s history. Speaking of largest empires, we have the British, Mongol, Russian, Spanish and the list continues.

2. Let’s talk conflicts and wars

Roman warrior

Although Rome didn’t make it as the largest empire, they record another event that is the largest in human history. For 721 years the Romans and Persians were at war, making it the largest conflict recorded in history. I haven’t seen a war last that long. The reason for this conflict is even still unclear. However, some speculate it’s over land and territories while others speculate it was a vengeful act by the Persians about an Ionian revolt.

3. Rome versus New York City

Rome versus New York City
A Brit and A Southerner

After this, you should be more gracious to the city of New York. This is because as crowded as the city of New York is, ancient Rome is six times more crowded. The Roman Empire is about 4.4 million square kilometers and approximately 57 million people are cramped up in there.

4. Equality in wages

Roman coins

In ancient Rome, workers weren’t underpaid or unfairly compensated. The high rate of wage inequality in the United States today didn’t exist in ancient Rome. Of course there were some differences in wages but not to an unfair point. Well, I hope our modern Nations would take pointers from the past.

5. Roman Vestal Virgins

Ancient Origins

Back in the 7th century B.C., a vestal virgin was any virgin vowed to chastity as a result of her dedication to Vesta. These virgins would have to uphold their vows of chastity until the age of 30. Failure of which will result in burying the virgin alive. In order to prove their virginity and that their vows of chastity were upheld, their hymens would be tested to ensure that they are still intact.