What Kind Of Watch Best Suits Your Personality? Let’s Find Out!


In the old times watches were more about their functionality. They were about showing the right time, so people could meet accordingly. In today’s world there are many substitutes for this function. While it is easier to check the time on your wrist, the new generations tend to use their smartphones for this reason. For them watches are more about style. As these generations are growing older and becoming a major part of the market, this thinking will, or already become general.

As watches are not cheap it is best to spend some time choosing it. The question you have to ask yourself is not only if you like it or not, but also what message does it communicate to the people.

Mr. Eco-Friendly

If you often think about how to make this world environment friendly, then a plastic or metal watch might not be the best option for you. Wooden watches are the most eco-friendly solution that you can bring to your watch problem. These watches are both unique and stylish. They are fully brown which is already extraordinary and the color goes well with almost every other color. Finally the carvings on the case body can make it a legit artwork.

wooden watch

Mr. Masculine

A watch with the body case of over 45 mm can be the best choice for those who want a watch to align with their manly look. These watches are suggesting power while also looking great on a fit or bigger body.

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big watch

Mr. Luxurious

What else could better demonstrate your success and luxurious lifestyle than a golden watch? It’s an evergreen option as gold never goes out of fashion. It suggests influence and extraordinary everydays. Be careful with choosing a watch like this. It can easily make other people jealous.

golden watch

Mr. Healthy

You are the one for whom a watch is all about its functionalities. A fitness watch is the best option for you. Choose one which aligns to your personal needs. These needs can be the possibility of setting different workout programs on it, or competing against your previous results. Make sure that the chosen one is also comfortable and light, as you will wear it while working out.

fitness watches

Mr. Elegant

You are the one who always wear some one color T-shirt with elegant trousers and shoes or a suit. Your style is called elegance and you want something on your wrist that is clear and sharp just like your outfit. A minimalist watch can be the best option for you, because it aligns well with this style. The display of the watch should not be complicated, and it should look modern and old at the same time to make a timeless impression.

minimalist watches

If you were honest with yourself about your personality, and found a watch that you like and aligns well with it, then you have found the one. The minimum that I would recommend to spend on a watch is 35 bucks but if you are lucky you might find a good one cheaper.


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