This is why you should always keep a tea bag in your car



Don't Toss That Used Tea Bag! Here Are 15 Great Uses for It | HowStuffWorks

Choose tea bags with a fragrance you like, and place them in various parts of the car. For example, you can place the tea bags under the seats. Is the musty smell coming from the ventilation vents? Then you can, for example, hang a tea bag in front of the vent. The tea bag can filter the air, absorbing all the bad smells that eventually enter your car.


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Trash turned deodorizer: Using used teabags to freshen up your car

It’s also a super cheap solution. Available in every supermarket, this natural air freshener can work for several months! This way, you can enjoy a car journey without any unpleasant smells. In any case, we’ll immediately put a few tea bags in our car! It’s a great method! Are you going to try it too?

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