15 Incredible Things You Should Expect From Doing Planks Every Day


Among ways to improve your fitness level, planks are one of the best. Although it’s by far one of the most hated bodyweight exercises, I don’t think it will ever go away. Apart from being popular, planks require no equipment, engages multiple muscle groups at the same time and you can drop down and do them literally anywhere. Planks are very simple and practical but it will achieve tremendous results you never believed were possible. Let’s a look at some benefits of doing planks every day.

1/15. Core Strength

Woman performing a balance pose engaging her core

This is like the first and foremost key benefit of doing planks every day. Among the many muscle groups engaged in doing planks, the major core muscle groups recruited are; the transverse abdominus, the rectus abdominus, and the external oblique muscle. The core is responsible for providing support in so many physical activities, so strengthening them is of utmost importance.

2/15. Core Definition

abs workout with planking
Men\’s Journal

Everyone wants a six pack on their abdomen – both men and women alike. Of course, you can’t be doing planks every day and not look hot – physically. Planks afford you the benefit of a more defined physical appearance, i.e. you get a six pack! More so, your oblique muscles will assume a very beautiful definition.

3/15. Improved Performance

woman performing a boxing exercise
Shape Magazine

Doing planks every day will provide your abdominal muscles the adequate strengthening necessary for performance. Once these muscle groups are strengthened, you can perform daily tasks optimally, lift heavier weights and objects, and perform other sport activities with agility.

4/15. Back Strength

man doing pullup

Unlike some other bodyweight exercises (crunches, etc.) that hurt your back, doing planks every day will strengthen it. Plank requires no movement and the position recruits your back muscles particularly your upper back while straightening your spine. More so, because your glutes are involved, your lower back is also protected and getting strengthened as well.

5/15. Improved Metabolism


Believe it or not, planks burn more calories than the traditional bodyweight abs exercises. How? The muscles that it recruits keep burning even while you sleep. Additionally, doing planks every day is particularly beneficial to people who lead sedentary lifestyles. You can do it while you read, watch TV, etc. so that you can keep your metabolism up all day and burn calories.