The Most Famous Athletes Who Are Lovers Of Dogs


We love Athletes as much as we love sports. Many of us are interested and eager to know Athletes outside their sport. Well it’s a quite comforting to discover that Athletes we love have a soft spot in their hearts which is evident in their love for dogs. A lot of them have multiple dogs, continue to rescue strays and are actively involved in animal charities. Here are a few famous athletes who are in love with pets.

Serena Williams and her dog – Chip

serena williams and chip

The celebrated No. 1 Singles American professional tennis player is fond of dogs. She has owned a dog ever since she was 17 and even suffered the loss of her first dog 2 weeks before winning her first ‘Grand Slam’. This was a very emotional time in her life. However, she now owns the cutest four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, named Chip! Serena loves to take videos of Chip as he runs around. Chip is so adorable and travels almost everywhere with Serena.

Neymar Jr. and his dogs – Poker, Truco and Flush

neymar and his dogs, poker, truco and flush

Brazilian footballer, Neymar, who is one of the best players in the world and even currently considered the most expensive footballer, has a golden retriever – Poker. He loves his dog so much that, Poker has an Instagram account with 61k followers where all his videos and photos are shared. The 26-year-old is so in love with dogs that, he added two more golden retrievers, named Truco and Flush to his family. It\’s obvious that Neymar loves card games which is evident by the names of his dogs.

Russell Wilson and his dogs – Naomi and Prince

russell wilson and his dogs naomi and prince

Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Superbowl winner, and husband to Ciara, Russell Wilson, is a dog lover as well. He has two dogs. His dogs are large spotted and are named – Naomi and Prince. Russell gives a lot of love and attention to both his dogs and his fans love that about him. He shares so much photos of their times playing together for his followers to enjoy.

David Backes and his dogs – Marty, Bebe, Maverick, and Rosey

david backes and his dogs marty, bebe, maverick and rosey

Boston Bruins hockey team player, David Backes, and his wife are the proud owners of four dogs whom they have adopted. His love for animals is evident in how he spends his off time. David has been known to spend his off time with animals in need. David and his wife have also founded a notable nonprofit called ‘Athletes for Animals’ in 2013.

Mesut Özil and his dog – Balboa

mesut ozil and his dog balboa

Mesut Özil is a German professional footballer who plays for the Premier League club Arsenal. He is considered to be one of the best players in the world and plays mostly as an attacking midfielder and sometimes, winger. As good as he is on the field, Özil is also a dog lover which he expresses in the way he treats his dog, Balboa. Özil revealed that he was fearful of dogs before he decided to get Balboa in order to defeat his fears. Their relationship shows that it definitely worked as those fears are now gone.