Amazing Nicknames Of The Most Famous Sportspeople


5. Casey Hampton – Big Snack

Casey Hampton
Bleacher Report

Quite formidable isn’t he? Casey is nicknamed thus because no one can stand before him in Baseball. People say he eats quarterbacks as well as running backs. If a man can eat another hefty man, the said hefty man must be a big snack for great Casey. Even 5 nicknames is no match. This nickname is perfect.

6. Joe Jackson – Shoeless

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Joe Jackson
Sporting News

Nicknames do stick! You can already guess why Joe is nicknamed shoeless. As a matter of fact, the nickname has been added to his title, like so – Shoeless Joe Jackson. He is one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball. His nickname was given when he played without shoes during a session. I guess just one action that stick so much that it can define us. Such talent! Unfortunately, Joe has been blacklisted from baseball.

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